The team in our development department design products according to the tasks they are given. We can draw up plans for all of the parts required for production. The preparation department prepares suitable technology for the manufacturing of the product. All operations needed to manufacture the product are entered into a computer programme. Thanks to the ERP system we can determine exact delivery times and stick to them, give clients realtime information about their orders and how busy the factory is and analyse the production process, thereby making the entire process more efficient. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.




    We have acquired a modern and versatile range of technology to manufacture parts. There are four powerful metal-cutting benches in the factory: two new laser cutters, which allow us to cut metal sheets with a maximum thickness of 25 mm; one plasma-cutting bench; and one gascutting bench. This combination of benches allows us to choose the most efficient cutting method depending on the specific properties of the product.




    Sufficient capacity for bending details is ensured by our three CNC bending machines, of which the capacity of the largest is 800 tonnes, and which can be used to bend parts with a maximum length of 7100 mm. Bending possibilities are enhanced thanks to a large roll-bending machine – it makes it possible to roll elements with a thickness of 20 mm and a maximum width of 3000 mm.




    All of our welders’ work stations are equipped with new welding machines (MIG/MAG) from Japanese manufacturer OTC . For serial production we use two powerful OTC welding robots, both of which are equipped with two rotating tables. Quality control of welding work is co-ordinated by our European welding engineer.




    Our mechanical processing expertise is
    concentrated in a separate mechanical processing department. Here we have a wide selection of new and modern CNC turning and milling centres. We also keep up with the latest developments – we have 10 new benches which are supported by a number of older generation benches still in good working order. We can lathe elements with a maximum length of 3000 mm and a diameter of 600 mm. The parameters of our milling centres are X = 4060, Y = 1560 and Z = 780 mm. Bigger structures are processed on a horizontal milling machine.




    Metal surfaces are cleaned before painting by means of shotblasting. Painting is done in a modern paint chamber. The paint chamber is equipped with the required filtering system and temperature control automatics. Sectioning of the paint chamber makes it possible to process several products simultaneously.




    We can also assemble complex structural elements. Experienced specialists from the assembly department have long-term experience in the final assembly of complex mechanical engineering structures and in performing test-runs (on motors, electric motors, bearing seats, shafts, hydraulics and automatics).




    The custom-sized pallets we need for our products are manufactured locally. More complex wooden crates are ordered from partners who specialise in the manufacturing of packing materials.




    Our supply department has a network of suppliers who provide us with materials and mechanical engineering components (hydraulics, electric motors, fasteners, wires, hoses and light sources). Our co-operation network in the field of transport covers all of Europe as well as Russia and the Central Asian countries.