The total production area of our two plants is 15,000 m2, which is located over 5 hectares. The production facilities are modern and meet the requirements stipulated for environmental safety (being equipped with ventilation and filter systems).

    For production management we use an ERP system, which allows precise planning of production and gives us an overview of the current situation of orders filled and available resources and helps us analyse the results.


    The production process is supported by a development unit, which prepares plans and production programmes and deals with product development. Our production activities can be divided into five main groups:

    1. production of metal structures and equipment for machine engineering – special projects;
    2. production of metal structures and equipment for machine engineering – serial production;
    3. mechanical processing;
    4. assembly;
    5. our own products:
      1. agricultural & construction trailer brand HUMUS;
      2. excavator bucket and grapple brand MEGA.
    HUMUS by pmt


    The first and second groups include the manufacturing of welded structures. The third group includes mechanically processed elements such as shafts, bearing seats and bushes.

    The first three are united by the assembly department, which equips structures with bearing seats and bearings, electric motors, wires, hoses, hydraulics and automation system boards, where necessary.

    In short, we are capable of manufacturing complex, ready machine engineering structures and equipment.

    Our development team also leads the development of our own products.

    Our strengths:

    • complete technological value chain;
    • development department;
    • ERP system for production management;
    • new, up-to-date and duplicated equipment;
    • implementation of welding robots and competency in manufacturing retaining fittings;
    • use of 5-7 axis milling centres;
    • experienced employees in the assembly department; and
    • excellent project management skills.