Social responsibility

    Our operations are based on internationally acknowledged regulations:

    • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
    • EVS-EN ISO 45001:2023 occupational health and safety management
    • ILO Eight Core Conventions on Fundamental Human Rights
    • Social Accountability 8000 Standard

    PMT OÜ ESG Commitment
    At PMT OÜ, we take our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters seriously. We believe that focusing on ESG is not just good practice, but a responsibility that benefits everyone—our stakeholders, communities, and the planet.

    Environmental Care
    1.Sustainable Practices: We are committed to sustainable manufacturing that minimizes waste and uses resources wisely.

    2.Carbon Goals: We are on a path to carbon neutrality. Investments in renewable energy and efficient technologies are part of our strategy.

    3.Resource Use: We make it a priority to use natural resources like metals and water responsibly. Continuous improvement is our mantra.

    4.Safe Materials: We use materials and coatings that are safe for both our customers and the environment.

    Social Responsibility
    1.Employee Focus: Our employees are important to us. We offer a safe and inclusive workplace that promotes well-being and diversity. While we are not SA 8000 certified, we align with its values and principles to ensure a fair and ethical work environment.

    2.Community Ties: We actively engage with our local communities. Supporting initiatives that improve quality of life is part of being a good neighbor.

    3.Supply Chain: We expect our suppliers to meet the same ethical standards we set for ourselves, including fair labor practices and responsible sourcing.

    4.Product Safety: We are committed to delivering safe and high-quality products that meet industry standards.

    1.Open Reporting: We believe in transparency. Our ESG efforts are reported openly to maintain trust with our stakeholders.

    2.Ethical Lead: Our leadership sets the tone with high ethical standards. Integrity and accountability are non-negotiable for us.

    3.Board Diversity: A diverse board enriches our decision-making. We value different perspectives.

    4.Risk Oversight: We continually assess ESG risks to protect our business and stakeholders. This ensures a sustainable future for all.

    In conclusion, our ESG commitment is a key part of our long-term strategy. We are dedicated to making continuous improvements in all ESG areas. We invite our stakeholders to join us in this important journey. Together, we can make a meaningful impact for a better future.

    PMT OÜ
    CEO/ Jaan Meikup