About us

    Paide Machine Factory is one of Estonia’s leading machine engineering and metal engineering enterprises. We manufacture complex metal structures for machine engineering, sub-assemblies and ready equipment which is fitted with electric motors and hydraulic components. In addition we offer machine engineering subcontracting services.

    Our stakeholders

    Our internal stakeholders are our employees and owner.

    Our external stakeholders are our clients, suppliers, local municipality and country.


    Our history dates back to 1911. In the early 1990s we were restructured and in 1993 we started as a new organisation. Together with two subsidiaries ā€“ Silbet Metall AS and Meiren Engineering OƜ ā€“ we form the Meiteks Group.

    Today our plant has become an enterprise with cutting edge equipment and committed specialists, offering machine engineering serial production and production services for specific projects.


    We are located in Estonia, one of the southern neighbours of Sweden and Finland. We have two plants, one of which is located in the capital, Tallinn and the other in Paide. The airport and port are 100 km from the plant in Paide and just 10 km from the plant in Tallinn. View our location:

    In 2011 our sales revenue was EUR 9.55 million.

    We have 130 employees.
    90% of our production is exported.
    The size of our production area is 15,000 m2.